Tag your WordPress 2.7 pages!

A few weeks ago I upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and was immediately liking the new admin interface and all the other features. But I needed a way of tagging my pages as well as my blog entries. So I went and grabbed the Simple Tags plugin by Amaury Balmer. But for some reason it didn’t seem to re-use my existing blog post tags, and its tagging interface (when editing a page) didn’t seem to work as well as the blog post tagging interface that comes with WordPress.

So I decided to write my own plugin (both as a learning experience and for fun!) which would let me tag pages using the same interface as is used for tagging blog posts. And here it is: Page-Tags. It’s very simple – it doesn’t have any admin options to set – but it gets the job done. Simple install and activate the plugin and then try editing one of your pages. You should see a tagging box like this on the right-hand side:

Page-Tags tagging box

This box looks and feels exactly like the one you see when you edit a blog post, and it works the same way too (it has the lookup-as-you-type feature). Additionally, when viewing the archive page for a given tag or tags you should now see the list of tagged pages as well as blog posts. You can see this in action in my tag archives.

By the way, I use the brilliant Custom Query String “Reloaded” plugin to ensure that there’s no limit to the no. of posts I can display in the tag archives.

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  • http://www.easymedia.ro claudiuc


    I’m trying to use your plugin but is not working. It display the box on page edit, but no tags are displayed on tag cloud widget.

    Can you help me?


  • http://hiddentao.net/ ram

    Hi, I haven’t tested this with the tag cloud widget. Let me look into it for you.

  • http://hiddentao.net/ ram

    Fixed the tag cloud issue in a new release.